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Nov 25 / hash ketchum

New! Worship – House of Glass (Draper Remix)

The London based producer Draper draws on hip-hop beats as well as liquid drum ‘n’ bass sounds to create a unique and creative mellow fusion. The original is by British alternative rock band Worship, not a Christian rock band as you might think, although there is another band by the same name that is totally into Jesus music. I like the way Draper cuts up the vocals and uses the choppy samples like an instrument of their own as opposed to trying to hold the meaning of the lyrics. The whole work is really solid and flows as smooth as any liquid d’n'b ever does, but the dubstep vibe makes this tune stand out to me. Grab the download and let this smooth track help you digest all that turkey and stuffing.

Worship – House Of Glass (Draper Remix) (Save Link/Target As…)


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